US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) clients at a Forward Operating Base. GPS Defense Sniper School has maintained a long and positive history with AFSOC attending our sniper courses over the past 13 years. This relationship is being maintained again this year with our Warfighter Sniper Course. (note: all three operators carrying 308/7.62 sniper rifles with sniper scopes)

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Las Vegas Metro SWAT Sniper trained by GPS Defense Sniper School ends shooting Wed Feb 25, 2015. This is the Fifth LVMPD SWAT Sniper trained and certified by GPS Defense Sniper School has been involved in an OIS (officer involved shooting) with NO hostages, officers or citizens hurt or killed.

Here is the plaque hanging in our office presented by LVMPD SWAT Snipers after training with us over the last 12 years!

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SNIPER CLASSES Photo Gallery updated May 09, 2015

VORTEX Optics & GPS Defense
GPS Defense Sniper School is excited to now be factory distributors of VORTEX Optics. Summer of 2015 will see us maintaining an inventorentory of the Viper PST 4-16x50 Riflescope in both mil-radian and MOA elevation adjustments with illuminated reticles for our students and clients. Our ENTIRE inventory of sniper rifles available for use in our courses will also be outfitted withe these fine scopes. You can also Contact Us with any part number from the VORTEX catalog for a great discount.    Order Now  


Pentagon Police ERT Counter-Sniper, our clients, featured on the cover of Maj Plaster's Ultimate Sniper updated book. Our staff and sniper training school & sniper courses are referenced multiple places (as McMillan Sniper School) in this great book that is practically a institution in the sniper community.

US SOCOM clients of GPS Defense conducting night insertion and extract.

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