“With 10 days a soldier with little or no sniper experience will be ready for combat as a sniper, I saw it with my own eyes. I said that after the course before I deployed and I say that now, downrange.”   Sgt K.E. 82nd Airborne (above)

Comprehensive Unit Training - We have been conducting Sniper/Designated Marksman Cohesive Unit Training for the DoD units since April 2001. These units greatly increase combat effectiveness by training the entire unit instead of one or two slots at a time.

We specialize in transitioning operators from M4’s to sniper/designated marksmen skills with SPR/Mk12’s or snipers trained on the M24 to the new M110 SASS.

Take advantage of our 2 week/10 day course using our live-fire urban and desert facility prior to a deployment. We can take students new to sniper rifles and give them the ability to locate, ID, range and hit realistic sized targets past ½ mile using proper multi-team coordinated tactics in two short weeks.

This course is available under

GSA Contract #GS-02F-0164T

  • $1900


Due to extremely, increased demand for Private Instruction we have added an extra level of course instruction to make attending even easier and more beneficial to our client's schedules.

Private Instruction - Exclusive
We have been accommodating our students desire to receive top-rated instruction from the same staff & facilities used by some of the best military units in the world. Each day is custom tailored to the client to maximize their learning experience and fit their busy schedules. These dates will then be scheduled exclusively available only to you and your guests. Rifle, ammunition, all equipment and Exclusive logistics (lodging, transport, catering, etc) are all available.     contact to schedule

Private Instruction - Course    
Since the scheduling needs can be unique, we do not have a calendar nor registration listing for private courses. If you are interested in a private course, please contact us directly to arrange an appropriate time for instruction, be sure to include the dates you are interested in. We will then place these dates on the calendar. Rifle, ammunition & all equipment available.     contact to schedule

We have 10 Remington 700 custom sniper rifles for rent during any of our courses of instruction for only $50 per day.

Our factory supplied ammunition is required to be used in our rifles.

Match-grade ammunition is available at current market prices and will be charged at the end of each course.


  • Length: 5 days/50 hrs
  • As seen on Discovery Channel
  • Basic & Advanced marksmanship techniques
  • Equipment set-up, Rifle Sight-in & Data Book Use
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions
  • Using Basic Ballistics & gather data to 1400 yards
  • Scouting, Range Estimation & Field Sketches
  • Unconventional Positions & Injured Shooter Drills 
  • ​Principles of camouflage & Ghillie suit construction
  • Individual movement & route planning
  • Live-fire stalking exercises  

  • $1100

  • ​$950 Gov't ID

ADVANCED SNIPER COURSE*                                       

  • Length: 2 days/20 hrs (in add. to Sniper & C/S)
  • Moving Target Engagement
  • Extreme Angle Shooting: (live-fire from 220’ cliff)
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions
  • Holdovers - Holding for elevation. 
  • ​Unknown distance engagements.

  • $440

  • $380 Gov't ID



  • Length: 2 days/20 hrs (in add. to Sniper & C/S)
  • Two days teaching back curriculum
  • Teaching skills to prepare new shooters
  • Writing a sniper training course
  • Coaching techniques and teaching ballistics
  • Develop live-fire & practical exercises

  • $440

  • $380


  • Length: 2 days/20 hrs 
  • Equipment set-up, Rifle Sight-in & Data Book Use
  • Basic & Advanced marksmanship techniques
  • Holdovers - Holding for elevation. 
  • Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions 
  • ​Unknown distance engagements.